Anabolic Pump on Anabolic Diet ?s

  1. Anabolic Pump on Anabolic Diet ?s

    Im am going to begin following the protocol the laid out in the Anabolic Diet next week. I plan to use AP on my carb days (every 7 days) as I have a feeling this would make for some major pumps. As anyone else had success using AP for high carb days on the AD diet?

    Also, How much should I dose on that day? Should I still take 1 capsule before carb meals or increase the dosage?


  2. I think staying with the usual 1-cap pre meal is fine. I have heard people have quite fantastic results with AP and carb-cycling diets.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I have read a bunch of contrasting opinions on utilizing AP for carb ups.

  4. would it be helpful to have 1 capsule before the 1st carb up meal? it seems as though glycogen would be so depleted at this point that all the carbs consumed would go to muscle anyways. i could be wrong though.

  5. I was using a combo of AP/P-Slin on my carb up days that were at around 800 grams on the carb up. I would pop an AP prior to my first meal after depletion workout, P-Slin after second meal, and the other 2 AP with the last 2 carb meals of the day.

    I was putting down 100-200 grams in a meal and be hungry again an hour later. I really felt as if they were really ensuring mass glycogen storage while eliminating excess calories going to adipose tissue.

    Another quality note was that I found I wasn't completly kicked out of ketosis on my carb up days and my body was still utilizing fat for fuel while ingesting the carbs (even without AP this could is still very possible and should be achievable).

    Is AP a necessity for carb ups? No. However I really liked the comfort of mind knowing that any spill over into fat gain was kept to an ultra minimum.

  6. I use it during carb ups. Using it this way, it lasts forever. Even if you have 2 before 4 meals.


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