IDS Mass Caps XP

  1. Dude at 1 year old I do NOT recommend Mass Caps.

  2. I took Halotestin, Phera-Plex, Methyl-D, M1T, D-Bol, Anadrol, and Superdrol all in a short 4 week span at 6 months old.

    I think I can handle Mass Caps.

  3. You must have gained like a hundred and fifty pounds.

  4. Yeah. But 149lbs of it was water. Damn.

  5. they replaced the prohormone with caffeine, geranium, x-factor?

  6. lol, yup.

    It is like Halodrol Liquigels 'The Remix'

  7. wait a minute. It is missing DHEA.

  8. I might give this one a try someday. Looks like a good natty product IMO...

  9. looks like crap!


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