I was Reading some Article and came Across this fact .So thought of sharing with you all and know your Opinion about it..

When You lose weight either by LR and DCp or by Venom Hyper drive 3.0 Or any other supplements.
They say like you lose the water weight , muscle tissues , bone weight , Glycogen(storage of Carbs in your body ).

When you lose weight and If stop the pill ,The shrinked glycogen will try to expand and you will feel increase in appettite ,Body will try to store back to that carb level .

You also will gain the water weight If you eat more sodium , Eat refine carb ,Processed food, And if you will not drink enough water .

I dropped my weight 15 pound and gained back 3 pounds but If i see my cloths It seems like I have gained back the 15 pounds.What I mean is I gained back the body fat but not the body weight .

Is this thing Possible ?

What I think is If my body fat is rising so my weight should rise too?

What is all these changes.I agree everyone is different with how their body function and all.

I stopped the pill before and felt the huge a[ppettite ,I wasn't aware of that that i will gain back all again what i lost ,Becoz my scale was lying to me that i am standing at the same weight .That's fine if i want to try eating Peanut butter Jelly bread ,Or white flour.WHICH WAS WRONG .

I started the Pill again from today .And I will try my best not to gain this water weight and glycogen back ,once I lose them .

Are they different then body fat ?I am really need Advice here .
Bunches of thanks