At what point is a good time to start a stack?

  1. At what point is a good time to start a stack?

    I have been lifting on and off for several years now and just now starting to get back into it over the past three months.

    I have been working on my diet and getting it dialed in, as well as my cardio and lifting schedule.

    My question is, when do you suggest that someone begins a strength and cutting stack?

    Should I continue to focus on maintaining muscle and losing body fat until I hit a certain body fat percentage?

  2. You can start a Non-hormonal stack at anytime. The best time for PH one is after you have it all planned out and already purchased ALL supp's including PCT.

    If your wondering what time of year, then a bulk over the winter, because there's lots of holidays where there's ton's of food. A cut cycle is good in springtime to prep for summer.

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