acid reflux and supps that dont effect it

  1. acid reflux and supps that dont effect it

    i have pretty severe acid reflux and its not the heart burn kind of reflux but just the upper abdominal pain kind. Pretty much anything aggravates especially caffeine but also acidic things and even pills. so basically what im asking is if any of you guys have any tips or ideas for supplements i could take like transdermals that actually work or tips to get rid of it besides nexium or tips to avoid getting that pain when and if i do decide to take pills again. maybe even something that bypasses the stomach all together..i dk any help would be appreciated because i dk how much longer i can go with out taking anything.

  2. As far as transdermals go, what are your goals?
    For fatloss all of Avants topicals are good.

  3. Mainly strength and pumps but good to know about the weightloss ones

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