1. Question Melatonin?!

    Any1 Take Melatonin to sleep? I find that it helps me sleep great and wake up refreshed but little is known about it.. and i dont know if i want to continue taking it if it affects my hormones.

    Any1 feel that it decreases their sex drive? Because i was reading the side effects and that could possibly be one them as well a whole bunch others.

    Anything would help.

  2. I take melatonin once in a while, maybe twice a month to help me sleep. I don't think there is enough information on it to run it straight. Have you built a tolerance up to it at all yet? and how long have you been taking it?
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    Well I started at 1mg Then i was reading more up on it and there were articles stating 1-5mg for sleeping so i moved up to 3mg a night Took now trying out 6mg cuz they are the 3mg capsules take 2 before sleeping... I mean it keeps me calm... and helps me sleep like a baby and i wake up actually able to function which is great because before i would wake up goto school and just be falling asleep and to the point of so tired that i cant function cuz i constantly dose off...

    The only thing i see wrong is if it affects my Hgh And LH then i really dont want to continue to using it. I mean HGH is great because ill grow lol But lowering my LH = Lowering my sex drive and at 22 I Dont want that problem lol.

    And ive been on it like 6-7 months on and off mostly. I was off for like 3 weeks and it was like 3 weeks of hell with fatigue.

  4. Have you ever tried sublingual pills, Those were the best for me, 3mg about 20minutes before sleep and I was out like a light. If you are worried about the LH, you should try stacking/replacing with USP Powerful or bulk 1-carbox from nutraplanet. Both will help you sleep, and would allow you to take some time off of the melatonin so you can keep your receptors and what not fresh.
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  5. Alrighty thnkx pimpn ill check it out. I was going to the try L-theanine in the replacement



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