Best Diet and Methods for using CellMass and NoExplode

  1. Best Diet and Methods for using CellMass and NoExplode

    Ive been using CellMass and NOexplode for the past 3 weeks or so, and I have had started getting good result in the last week or so. I workout 6 days a week alternating body parts, with cardio at least 4 times a week. But not sure if im getting the typical gains I should be.

    What would be the best diet while using these two together, and what would be the best workout method for gaining mass while still keeping lean body figure?


  2. Welcome to the board.
    BSN gets a raw deal 'round these parts. They are being sued after all.

    NO xplode is preworkout empty stomach
    Cellmass is an overpriced creatine monohydrate

    Save your money, buy a bulk creatine from nutraplanet when you run out. As for the noxplode, it's very popular but there are other options out there. Many on this board like Ragnarok by MST.

    Finally, I recommend reading this

    Again, welcome to the board.
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  3. Being sued means they are doing something, you like what your getting and so do a lot of other people. I have made more gains with the BSN mass stack than with ph's. Its mostly in your diet. Your diet will include supplements like the no-xplode and cellmass but those are just the beginnings and a good place to start on nutrition is with a good caloric intake of complex carbs (low glycemic) and proteins (a blend not just whey) and good fats. Yes I said fats. If you are trying to bulk then try multiplying your body weight times 15 and that would be your caloric intake for the day. Then take fifty percent of that in carbs, thiry percent in protein and the last twenty percent in fats. Now divide those by six and that should be what you eat at each meal space approximately 2 1/2 to three hours apart. You want results, not a load of crap. Second of all, even without supplements if you follow a good diet, get plenty of sleep and have a good workout plan that you WILL follow is truly where the results will be.

  4. "NO xplode is preworkout empty stomach
    Cellmass is an overpriced creatine monohydrate"

    If you had used the No-Xplode you would notice that empty stomach means thirty minutes after a good protien or mass gainer shake. I find it funny how so many people know so much more about a product and don't follow the recomendations of the makers. I like it, I use it and I stand beside it.

  5. You workout (weight training) 6 days a week and do cardio sessions atleast 4 times a week... Are you eating enough actual, good 'food' to be growing from the time you're putting in? NO Xplode and Cellmass will make your muscles look pretty blimpy, but ... is everything else in check?
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