proteins+ (or any other super expensive protein powder)

  1. proteins+ (or any other super expensive protein powder)

    what is the deal with these? I read the write up, and it sounds like bs, but I noticed they were recommended by berardi.
    proteins+ is your premium protein source with our exclusive alpha+ whey protein isolate. Produced using a unique filtration process, alpha+™ is the next generation of high purity whey protein and high in alpha lactalbumin for increased anabolic effects.

    Choose proteins+ and work with your body to support a healthy metabolism, maintain lean muscle mass and support a fast exercise recovery.

    Use proteins+:

    * instead of snacks between meals to support healthy glucose balance and energy metabolism
    * after training to support the rate of repair and rebuild of the muscle tissue
    * to support your immune system with its high levels of cysteine

    Why proteins+ is so special:

    alpha+™ high alpha lactalbumin whey protein isolate is manufactured using a patent-pending process called Advanced Cross Flow Microfiltration (ACFM). ACFM separates the actual protein fractions from one another through a natural process that uses a high-tech ceramic filter to isolate the whey protein from the fat, lactose, denatured and damaged whey. This process was designed to ensure alpha+™ provides the purest, most natural, fat-free and bioavailable whey protein available today.

    ACFM whey protein isolate is a huge advancement over the Ion Exchange process due to the fact that ACFM protein is able to retain minor protein fractions such as Lactoferrin, Glycomacropeptides (GMPs) and other peptide fragments. The Ion Exchange proteins lose a great deal of these specialized fragments. Properly microfiltrated products are also not exposed to the phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide and pH excursions that ultimately result in some denaturation of the protein. This manufacturing process makes alpha+™ truly unique.

    To ensure you digest your protein properly, each serving of proteins+ also contains digestive enzymes in a formulation specific for this product.

    The best body needs the best protein, try proteins+ or proteins+ with Calcium today.
    $20-30 for 280g= 0.61lbs
    or $45 for 1.8lbs

  2. Quote Originally Posted by johnyq View Post
    what is the deal with these? I read the write up, and it sounds like bs
    Cross Flow Microfiltration is not BS but the price is. Cross-flow microfiltered whey protein is not expensive.

  3. You can get CFM from TP for $10/lb,****22&p****6835 and even then I don't think it's really necessary. Those with lactose intolerance need to look into special forms, but for the general public I feel whey concentrate is good enough, isolate for those a bit pickier and want less carbs/fat/cholesterol.

  4. Cross-flow microfiltration is not about the lactose or fat content, it's about the quality of the protein:

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