I need some advice on my master plan...

  1. I need some advice on my master plan...

    This is my first post and I joined this forum for some advice before I begin once again what I did about 6 years ago. Brief history of me is, in 2001 after a bad break-up I decided I wanted to become thin, at the time I was 280 pounds and really disliked my physical body, so I moved in with my Dad, bought a generic Total Gym from Costco, a generic elliptical exercise bike from Big 5, as well as a sweat suit for when I rode the bike. Using just those for 1 month, I lost about 20 pounds, working out 7 days a week, walking about 5 miles a day, doing 150 push-ups, 150 calf raises, 300 sit-ups, and eating 1000 calories a day, which I counted. Part of this diet consisted of a protein powder I also got from Costco, but soon they no longer carried this powder, this lead me to GNC for the first time. There I was recommended Xenadrine RFA-1 by the sales person and when a personal trainer nearby overheard it, he also recommended it, saying it was the best supplement on the market, the only ephedra product that truly worked, and that he recommended it to all of his clients. So of course I bought it and it really, really worked. Some people think I am exaggerating but I literally lost 50 pounds in one month with the same exercise regime, with the Xenadrine and GNC Mega Men's Multi-Vitamin added. I know my low caloric intake was a bit over the top and I won't eat that little again, but at the time it was something I was going through.

    Well time went on and eventually I increased my diet to 1500 calories a day, strictly vegetarian, and eventually reached 170 pounds at 6'5". In all honesty my body resembled Bruce Lee's, I was lean as can be, but incredibly defined, with veins everywhere. Well, after that I broke out in this weird skin rash which eventually went away, but it really messed with my head. It totally turned me off to working out and a lot of internal conflict was going on in my family. So I decided to flee the situation, met a girl on the Internet and moved to San Diego. Though I did work out there half-heartedly, I also binge ate, partially due to her eating habits, but partially due to something weird inside me. I was still taking Xenadrine RFA-1 but could barely notice any effect it had on me in any way. I actually didn't gain that much weight, but I began losing that peak definition I once had. Then my Dad died totally out of the blue at 52 from a heart attack. It just went downhill from there, and I became too satisfied just being lazy and indulging in other outlets, particularly marijuana, food, and sex. That lasted for over 5 years.

    Fast forward to today. I am 210 pounds and have fat on my body, but am not fat. Some people say I am still thin, but I cannot see that because I still have that distinct memory of what I used to look like. Recently, after another bad break-up (the great motivator I guess) I finally have been able to break my 5 year addiction to heavy marijuana use and surprise, surprise along with my addiction to that, went my addiction to food, which seems cliche and I was in denial about it for a long time, but for me it was true, they went hand in hand.

    Now I feel motivated, maybe even more so now than ever before, to become something physically that just blows people's minds. So here is my master plan. Over the course of 3 months I plan to use as supplements:

    81 mgs of aspirin
    daily dosage of Superdrine RX-10
    daily dosage of Reset A.D.
    daily dosage of Coleus Forskohlii
    daily dosage of GNC Mega Men's Multi-vitamin

    My workout regime will be:

    Advanced Total Gym workout on Total Gym XL (Mon, Wed, Fri.)
    Gym workout consisting of 35 minutes on elliptical trainer wearing a sweat suit, to focus on abdominals 60 sit-ups on decline board, 60 weighted crunches, 60 elevated knee raises while bracing arms, 60 forward bends over thigh support (Tue, Thurs, Sat.)
    150 push-ups
    450 crunches on an Ab Lounge
    150 calf raises
    15 minutes of 5 lb. each wrist weights
    15 minutes of 5 lb. each ankle weights

    My diet will consist of 2000 calories a day. After the three months has past I want to eliminate the ephedra based stimulant from my regime as well as going to a gym at all, I strictly want to rely on my Total Gym, Ab Lounge, and running to keep me in shape. My goal weight is 175-180 lbs. Thank you if you read this huge post, I tried to give all the information I could and would really, really appreciate any feedback you guys can give me, you really seem to know what you are talking about.

    Thank you,

  2. Well Jacob that was one long post but I am glad that it appears you have everything back in order and ready to begin the next phase of your life.

    As far as the diet is concerned I personally feel 2000 calories for a 6'5 guy just starting out on a cut to be insufficent. Although it may induce weight loss/rapid weight loss overall it isn't as healthy and smart to take this route. Bump it up to around 2500 calories per day and monitor your progress as you go along and if you stall or every two weeks (unless your still making progress) drop the calories down by another 100-150. If you begin too low your body will adapt to the calorie intake and you'll be forced to go lower too soon without enough leeway as your body continues to adapt.

    As far as the supplements go I really like the Forskolin and the Multi. However I also feel like your relying on Stimulants (in this case the ephedra alkolids) far to much to loose weight. Your body will efficently metabolize fat if your diet and training is in check, and you really don't need the Superdrine throughout the process. Instead I would either a) drop the Superdrine and Reset A.D and hold onto until the latter stages of your fat loss when it will help kick start a annoyed body and just begin the cut with the Forskolin, aspirin, and multi, or b) again drop the Superdrine and Reset A.D. until later in the game and look into purchasing something along the lines of DCP (I think you would be fond of TTA and what it could do for you) or another non stimulant fat burner/lower stimulant burner.

    As for training I can't really offer too much advice because it seems you would rather not join a commercial gym (which is fine) and I am unfamiliar with your setup. However your outline seems doable, especially for weight loss (depending on how you setup your sets and structure of the outline it to me will resemble a type of circuit HIIT style lifting program.) Overall I think your lifting program coincides with your goals of mainly fat loss and definition over building muscle.

  3. I really appreciate that. It seems like an informed answer and I am definitely having some reservations about taking the ephedra again. It is just a lure because of previous results. I will look into the products you recommended and I am going to start with 2500 calories a day during my transition period into my workout. Thanks again, god luck to you as well in your goals.

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