Flax oil?

  1. Flax oil?

    I just learned how good Flax oil can be for you, so I picked up a bottle of gel caps. I can't find on the forums how much I should take a day and how often. I found if I had the oil itself to take one tablespoon, but it doesn't say how many mg's in a tablespoon. My gelcaps are 1000mg's, so how often and how many should I take a day?, or should I follow the bottles recommendation?, which is ussually to low. Would it be better to do oil itself or the gelcaps or are they the same, just cost? Thanks.

  2. Oil is much cheaper doseage wise and has a taste that becomes very satisfing. UMMMM!


  3. But how many gelcaps should I take a day?

  4. oil is better
  5. dainbramaged
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    try around 6-8 a day (at least). the reason people are telling you oil is better is because there is like the equivalent of 14 1000mg tabs in one tablespoon (tsp? tbsp?). It's much more economical

  6. How many tablespoons or teaspoons do yoy recomend taking?

  7. if you search around here you'll find different answers..i take 2-3 table spoons a day at separate times. it varies on your stats and how much fat/calories you require per meal and such

  8. Thanks

  9. yeah the caps are pointless, you have to take too many, and the cost seriously adds up. i usually add like 1 tablespoon into my protein shakes and take 2 a day. =)
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    keep in mind that 1 tbsp is equivalent to about a hundred calories. If you're on a carb reduced diet, it's convenient to substitute this kind of 'good' fat for the lost carbs sometimes. Though it certainly doesn't hurt to add 1-3 tbsp's a day. I usually take about 2.

  11. well there are numerous other benefits other than the 'good fat.' and why throw it in your shake when you can just take a nice gulp

  12. i think it makes my shake taste better, i lick the spoon after i put it in my shake though, does that count?
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    Originally posted by motleybreu
    well there are numerous other benefits other than the 'good fat.' and why throw it in your shake when you can just take a nice gulp
    Yes, I'm well aware, I just didn't want to write a lengthy letter . Here's just one place to look to get more info:



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