Please Help me... I want to do the right thing!!

  1. Please Help me... I want to do the right thing!!

    I read and appreciate all the great advice given on this board. Much different than other forums I have been on...!!

    I am 45, 183 5-11. (body fat is 10%) I am extremely active (Surfing, Ice Hockey (coach/player), Golf, MTB, blah blah, blah... So is everyone, right?? I am in the best shape of my life and loving it!!! I hit the gym 4-6 days a week depending on goals for the week and time. I eat GREAT and a lot(everyday), sleep well, and take a lot of supplements.

    My goals are to get more size and continue to do my sports... I have been on American Cellular Tren for 2 cycles. I started a Post Cycle Sunday (yesterday). My fear is the over the counter help...! My source is a Max Muscle store and I really think I am getting sound advice. This is where I hope someone here can assist me in doing what is right for me at my age and my personal goals.

    At this time my post cycle for the next two weeks is: ZMA (4 at night)- American Cellular Estro (3 a day) - Tibusak(sp) 2 in the am and 3 before bed. I am on a strong liquid Multi-Vitamin, I consume 2-4 protein drinks a day mixed with Glutamien (sp) Sorry on the spelling!

    Please know... I appreciate any advice you can share!! I want to do what is best for my body!! I recently had blood work for a Life Ins policy and was given a Super Preferred rating, so my numbers are good.

    I want to gain some solid mass... I love to train, I know and listen to my body. I am not afraid to push the heavy weights and I am all about taking advice from experts. I give advice in my business and I respect the advice from others.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!!!

    Best Regards,


  2. sounds good then. i doubt the tren type ph will actualy cause much shutdown so an otc pct is fine. the zma at night will help with T levels and the estro im guessing is an anti-e?

  3. THANKS!!!

    Yeah, its an estro-blocker. My last post cycle was the same. I had no problems. This last cycle on Tren was scary good. My strength gains were huge and I was happy with my results.

    Thanks for the feedback!!

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