Supplement Sample Swap Meet

  1. Supplement Sample Swap Meet

    I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I got a whole bunch of product samples from various sources. I'm always looking to try some new things too. I'll list what I got. Maybe we can swap some samples since shipping will only be $.75 or so. Here is my current list:

    Syntrax Nector
    ALRI WTF Pumped
    Universal Animal Pump
    LG Cold Fusion
    MHP Trac Xtreme NO
    3 Degree Burn
    Stim X
    Leviathon Reloaded
    MHP Dren
    Nimbus Blast
    Superdrol NG
    First Order
    2 Shredded
    1 dose of p-slin
    Original Diesel R4W, 1 dose

    Got some other stuff in the cupboard, but this is a start. Anyone wanna trade?

  2. I'm game. I work for a store, so we always got samples of stuff floating around.

    Anything your looking for?

  3. Is that original stim X?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by OCCFan023 View Post
    Is that original stim X?
    I think i actually have two different samples. One is in a blister pack and one is in a package. I believe the blister pack is the original version.

    I'm looking for any pre-workout supplements that I haven't tried yet.

  5. Why does everybody go crazy for the original version of Stim X vs the newer version? I actually found a sample pack of the original last night.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  6. I will whore myself on the streets of NY for the original Stim X ahah! Personally I just found I responded ten fold better to the original (mass energy, mass euphoria, no hunger ~ it was amazing!) I bought a bottle of the original a while back and finished it up. I then tried the newer version from a friend (2 caps) and didn't get the same effects. This is just me how ever.


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