NOS Precursor

  1. NOS Precursor

    I don't think this product has gotten as much credit as it's deserved.

    The reason for this is because people take a glance at it and think it's just another 'preworkout pump matrix.'

    However once you read the label and follow the instructions, you can see you are supposed to take it 30 mins before meals (or after, but I prefer before.)

    I personally feel there should be MORE RECOVERY PRODUCTS like this and less pre workout matrixes. After all, you grow while you rest.

    This product acts more like Anabolic Pump, as it's taken around meals and increases nutriet uptake. Contrary to popular belief its not a preworkout product.

    My thoughts on it are as follows: I just began lifting again after a layoff. I'm taking 4-6 caps per day. I do two caps 30mins before a meal. The most signifigant thing I am noticing is decreased recovery time. The pain can get unbearable when you come back from a layoff, and this is helping immensely.

    The ingredient list is pretty basic. Theres no strange or exotic things in it. Arginine, Ginseng, Banaba Leaf, tons of vitamin C, ALA, among others. It seems like a great way to increase insulin sensitivity safely and increase protein synthesis and nutrient uptake.

    The only downfall I have with this product is that they stopped making it. But it can be found at Nutraplanet for a cheap price right now. Don't worry, I'm stocked up for a while. You can buy all you want.

    I wanted to hear people's experienced with this product. I have a feeling some of you took it pre workout, but all feedback is appreciated.

  2. With the exception of Ether2010, Diesel Fuel, and Formula HT, I think I have used every other single product by Get Diesel.

    NOS Precursor was pretty decent, IMO. I have not used NOS Precursor since probably July 2007. I used it more as a nitric oxide product, however it is also good for nutrient repartitioning

    I enjoyed R4W (6.0 powder) and Diesel Test over NOS Precursor.

  3. I bet there will probably be like 1 or 2 people that will respond to this, lol.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    I bet there will probably be like 1 or 2 people that will respond to this, lol.
    lol my thoughts too.

  5. this is a staple in my supplements. i use two in the morning and 4 before the meal closest to my workout or sometimes 1 hour before a workout.

    NOS precursor, NOS Ether and r4w= crazy workouts and amazing pumps.

  6. I noticed the recomp/repartitioning effect from Precurser, but the new ETHER just blows it away due to having the banaba, argenine, etc as well as SO much more.


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