Best post-WO creatine to mix with protein?

  1. Best post-WO creatine to mix with protein?

    hey fellas, im looking for the best type of creatine i can start mixing in with my protein shakes post workout and of course on my off days too. i use skim milk if that means anything.

    alpha? cee? gluco? good ole mono??

  2. Have you ever used creatine before? If not I would say just start of with simple monohydrate (and if you respond well than awesome since its highly price efficient.)

  3. just stick with creatine mono

  4. I used mono WAY back when mixing it with grape juice was the knowledge, haha.

    Would i NEED to load it or tossing 5 grams in my shakes twice a day and keep it just like that be suitable??

  5. I would just get some cheapy bulk from NP, melt it in warm water and some AP and take it that way.

  6. eh. whatever i buy will be in bulk. But im working 2 jobs and taking 4 classes. Im not home much and don't have much time.

    Thats why i wanted opinions on what kind of creatine i can just toss in my post workout protein shakes and my shakes on off days. 2 birds with one stone kind of deal.


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