Need Suggestions On Cutting Stack???

  1. Need Suggestions On Cutting Stack???

    Normally I just go the ephedrine caffeine route but I'd like to try something different. I'm looking for suggestion on what to stack on a 3 month cut. I'm not pinching pennies here either so don't hold back on your suggestions. Please & thanks.

  2. what type of diet will you be on?

    I would look into DCP, Anabolic Pump (if your taking in carbs,) Green Tea, and RPM if your looking for a stimulant. However no matter what you choose I wouldn't begin the cut with any stimulants and hold on to them until at least midway through to really get all their benefits. Also USP labs is coming out with a new product called ReCreate that is causing a lot of commotion and will definitely be apart of my cut thats already underway.

  3. I use a low carb diet where the majority of carbs are consumed early in the day. High GI carbs are only consumed first meal in the morning and after training, which is one in the same for me, and then it's low GI carbs for the rest of the day in smaller & smaller portions. Protein remains the same for all 6 meals @ 40 - 50 grams per meal. I don't count fat because carbs have always been my issue but I do supplement with both flax & fish oil. I also have one cheat day a week where anything goes much like the re-feeds I've read about on some of the other diets. It's a little more technical than that but this is what I have trained many carb sensitive people on & has worked for me for decades. I'm not familiar with all the latest diet supps so I'm just looking for suggestions and will do some research from there. Thanks.

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