Hyperdrol, retain and mass fx or x factor and mass fx????

  1. Hyperdrol, retain and mass fx or x factor and mass fx????

    which is a better stack???

  2. i just bought some Mass FX maximum, i heard it mixes pretty well with X factor for good results. As for the other stack i do not know much about its gains. all though that is considered one of the best stacks AX has to offer.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by pavb10 View Post
    which is a better stack???
    They would both be great stacks, no question.

    Im not going to say which is the best, because either one you are going to have awesome results with.

  4. with a great diet and workout program what kind of gains could one expect with either?? the retain, mass fx, and hyperdrol is said to be run for 12 weeks and the other is 50 days cycles

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