Leucine XT and Leucine in general.....

  1. Leucine XT and Leucine in general.....

    Hows it. I am currently finishing up a PCT and, well I guess continuing on with the PCT until my next cycle of Epistane. I decided to throw in some Leucine XT as well as some Leucine Activator to my supp. mix to see if I can make some lean mass gains. I have read some articles in MD as well as some other sources that say that Leucine has been shown to increase muscle mass and decrease fat accumulation. I am hoping to lean out a bit and gain some solid mass. Just wondering if anyone has had good results with Leucine in their cycle. I am taking roughly 7 grams of Leucine a day along with my other daily supps. Taking a little Trib.T, a little DHEA, creatine, etc. Peace out.

  2. Take these amino acids before and after u workout. leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Those stacked with something like epistane and a good diet full of protein and cals will help put on good lean mass.

  3. I just use bulk Leucine from NP and add it to my Xtend or bulk BCAA's pre and post wo. Any BCAA product is going to contain about 50% Leucine anyway, along with 25% each of the others Brandon mentioned. I don't know if it's helping any more than just taking Xtend/BCAA's regularly, but I'll continue to use it because it's cheap.

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