Anabolic C9-T11 muscle builder

  1. Anabolic C9-T11 muscle builder

    advertises 223% more muscle in 30 days. they have a guarantee of 20 lbs of muscle in 30 days or its free, and only $37 if you order online.

    anybody heard of this or used it? that old saying too good to be true comes to mind.....


  2. lol i looked up the site and that made me laugh. I needed that thx

  3. lol ya i officially decided (with the help of members from this site) that its a load of bull

  4. CLA may be good but the claims are um, wow I should say, ridiculous. Any peer reviewed studys on the product for those claims because if it was peer reviewed and published to be true I will get it.

  5. well if somehow my buddy shows an increase in strength or any benefits from it for that matter, ill post it since hes not a member on here, but like i and many others said, looks too good to be true :-s


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