Trying to build my stack, advice please!

  1. Trying to build my stack, advice please!

    By this Saturday I want to have my new diet in place, as well as my stack built. I decided not to take or utilize creatine in any way, shape or form...again a reiteration of my goal is below:

    Currently - 22yrs old, 5 10, 148lbs, 10% body fat

    End of summer goal - 23 yrs old, 5 10, 155, 7-9% body fat

    I have always been and still am a soccer player, which should help to explain why I won't be taking creatine, mainly because I don't need it, I'm not looking to bulk THAT much.

    So two questions...
    1. my diet - my best guess is daily intake should be minimum 3500 calories and I'll start with a 40 40 20 split.
    Advice on how to achieve this?
    How many times a day should I be eating? 7 meals @ 500 cals each is ALOT of food, so that's obv where I need to supplement a bit.
    Which foods are considered the "money" foods...i.e. the top 3 best sources of protein, top 3 for carbs, top 3 for fats

    2. my stack, ideas thus far, all items purch from All the Whey(please offer any advice!)
    -Whey Protein Blend - 2 times daily
    -NO2 capsules - 6 per day
    -BCAA 240 - 4 per day

    this is where I need some help.

    the goal here is to put on 7-10 lbs of LEAN muscle by end of the summer.

    with some help from everyone out there I don't doubt I can do this.


  2. 5'10" 148lbs ?

  3. Yeah. oddly enough for my height i am ideal weight due to the fact that I have a small frame.

    I would love to hit 155 though.

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