best bcaa supp?

  1. best bcaa supp?

    ive tried perple wrath once and i liked the little boost it gave me, im just wondering is there a different bcaa product that gives more energy? maybe even at a lower price? im looking at xtend, but ive heard good about both. just wondering what youguys think is better

  2. Flavor wise you can't beat Extend!

  3. but does it give energy like pw?

  4. what do you think the best xtend flavor is?

  5. I believe purple wrath is an EAA supplement. So it is going to give you more energy then a straight Bcaa product.

  6. I like Xtend, but chicken is just as good.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    I like Xtend, but chicken is just as good.
    But chicken is harder to eat during a workout than xtend

    for the op both are great choices and you can not really go wrong with either in my opinion
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  8. your right it is

  9. *an eaa

  10. So far I like all the xtend, lemonade is good so is watermelon.

  11. MHP A-BOMB

  12. Watermelon is great. I think I have answered this question at least once a week.

  13. I really enjoy the new grape

  14. Watermelon is delicious!! I could eat the powder straight like that fun dip stuff. Hey they should market that. With a test. booster dippin stick LOL


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