what natural supplement to use on a cut?

  1. what natural supplement to use on a cut?

    Hello all.

    I am planning an 8-week 'cut' very soon and was wondering which products I could utilise to help me maintain my strength/size (strength is more important).

    It's either;

    8 weeks of hyperdrol x2

    8 weeks of cissus-drol

    8 weeks of Drive + RPM pre-workout

    Any input would be greatly appreciated, especially from those who have used one of the above products on a 'cut'.

  2. Whatever stack you choose should also include 20-25g of BCAA
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  3. raw BCAA tastes nasty.....any suggestions?

  4. Xtend.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by nparisi View Post
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  6. *ignore this post, friend signed on my account and posted that*

  7. Not really that isn't considered a (natural supplement) as it has an active steroid it.

  8. as above....h-drol is a derivative of tbol

    need something natty

  9. Quote Originally Posted by adil View Post
    as above....h-drol is a derivative of tbol

    need something natty

    reps to you.

    Its not every day that people "refuse" steroids

    Every person on the board now who just starts out just wants a steroid to add mass. Poor training/diet, doesnt matter they just want the most hardcore steroid to put on mass. props to you

    I guess their are still good people out there.

    As for recommendations in supplements, I would recommend you try Drive. I took that on a bulk. I stacked it with X-Factor. Drive at 6 caps per day leaned me out pretty nicely while on a bulk. Its some good stuff

  10. oh you can also try something like leviathan reloaded. I used that on a bulk a long time ago. I tried to "lean" bulk. I had to cut it out cause it was causing too much fat loss. :P

    I tried the O.G version. The new reloaded one is supposed to be better. If it is then your in for a treat. Try to cut naturally first however. When you get a sticky point, then use the LR.

  11. good thoughts by cellar....i will throw in my recommendation for DCP by RPN i had great results on my cut with it.
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  12. Forskolin is a must along with a ppar-alpha agonist (TTA or SesaThin). A good test booster such as Nettle Extract or Testofen would also help with positive nitrogen balance and nutrient repartitioning.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  13. Thanks for the suggestions, thanks people.

    Cellardude - thanks for the reps. I agree, people are jumping onto roids far to early. They think that the OTC DS' are not real steroids.....they are only fooling themselves

    I'm the type of person who gains fat even looking at a burger. So I'm looking for any aid that works TBH

    I usually hit a 'wall' 6 weeks into my 'cut' and it is here i will look to add some sort of thermogenic (prob ECA). I always lose strength when trying to lose weight......and I need to counteract this. Although many often note a leaning out effect on hyperdrol/drive etc, I doubt I will

    So I should take an extra ~20g BCAA everyday. 5g per sitting, in between meals?

    Oh yeh, my stats;

    Age: 20 years
    Training: 4-5 years
    Weight: 115kg
    bf%: Unknown.....around 25%
    Big 3 (5 reps): bench - 130kg, deadlift - 180kg, Squat - 180kg

  14. What is your diet like in terms of Macro breakdown? Just wondering as different supplements fair better in different diet environments.

    I can vouch for RPM, most definitely. If only for the mood elevation properties alone.

  15. Because i am Currently at University (in the UK). I haven't got the best diet

    On a typical non training day;

    Wake; 20g whey

    30 mins later; 3 whole eggs and an MRP

    3 hours later; Fish in tortilla wrap with mayo and salad

    3 hours later; Some sort of meat with some wholemeal bread

    2 hours later; Protein shake in milk

    2 hours later; some sort of meat with some wholemeal bread

    2 hours later; 3 pieces of fruit with some peanuts

    2 hours later; MRP (before bed)

    I only really count protein....it fluctuates between 230-260g daily


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