Epistane and Finigenx Together?

  1. Epistane and Finigenx Together?

    I was told that you can take these together? What's the opinion of the experts?

    I was thinking either taking the Epistane on the pulse method and the Finigenx on the "off" days or Epi 2 weeks on, 2 weeks Finigenx then Epi again for 2 more weeks or something to that effect...

    I guess my question is; are these a good mix? if not, what's the recommended method for taking them???

    Any advice/help is greatly appreciated.


  2. IT depends on your goals and what you want out of the 2. There's pleanty of information you can see logs etc and learn from there too.

  3. Logs

    Thanks DJ. I've read some of the logs and reviews etc, but I haven't seen this particular combo anywhere (may be a reason why).

    I'm looking to drop some body fat by putting on additional muscle to help burn it. (6'2" and 215 lbs) I'd like to stay somewhere around the 200-210 mark. Trying to get the body composition better for triathlons (@ 200 lbs + got to have low body fat to compete even with the other "fat boys")
  4. Bump!


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