Question on expiration dates for E

  1. Question on expiration dates for E

    I ordered some in early 05 and still have a few packs. It says it expired in March of 07. Is anyone aware if the expiration significantly decreases its effectiveness? I also have some that expires in 09, so I'm ok either way, just wondering if I should trash this stuff that expired a year ago or if it's still worth using? Perhaps it is 90% effective, so 25mgs would only be as effective as 22.5 mgs or is that not how it works?


  2. I don't know if it matters, but I will add that this is pure Ephedrine HCL w/ no other ingredients.

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    It will still be very effective a very long time after the expiration date as long as you keep it stored dry and cool. I would not worry about it until maybe two years after the expiration date at the very earliest, if at all. HCL is very very stable.
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  4. Great, thank you very much. As I'm sure you know, E HCL has risen in price dramatically. I think I got 374 tabs 3 years ago for close to the same price as 68 this year...

    So saving them for down the line will help a lot. Thanks again.

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