SHBG what role does it play in the body?

  1. SHBG what role does it play in the body?

    I read this from another forum and would like to know an answer as well what is its main function?

  2. Sex hormone binding globulin: sorta like a protein that binds to sex hormones ssuch as testosterone and estradiol. SHBG, in simple terms, stops the functions of free test by "holding" it, or binding it.

    So, if you are administering a substance that is increasing your free test levels, but SHBG is binding the "newly" release free test, then an amount of your testosterone, which is circulating in the blood is lowered which in turn leaves less for your receptors....that's the street explanation, but of course, I could give you the scientific explanation...but i havent had sleep this week due to moving, so ehhh hope this helps.

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