Help me find best yohimbine HCL product?

  1. Help me find best yohimbine HCL product?

    There are some that boast high doses like Twinlab of Sci Fit, but I've never heard reviews on their trustworthiness. 1fast400 has good prices, but the doses seem rather small at only 2.5mg/cap.

    Is there a standalone yohimbine product that you all trust?

    (I wish someone would create an Alpha Lipoic/Yohimbine HCL blend capsule, since both are commonly taken before carb meals anwyay...)

  2. Kilosports has it as well. It is typical to have Y in 2.5-2.75 mg.

  3. the one from 1fast is really good...... the reason why its 2.5g/cap is cause if you stack yohimbe with ECA, you can max tolerate 7.5 - 10 g/ day. so in 2.5 increaments you can really manipulate and play around with dosage.

  4. Plus the law says you can't dose it over a 3mg cap

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