Lipotrophin-PM and Lipotrophin-AM

  1. Lipotrophin-PM and Lipotrophin-AM

    My wife is looking for a fat burner. She is pretty fit but wants a leaner physique. I heard Lipotrophin is pretty good and safe.

    What i'd like to know is ... should i purchase both the AM and PM or just one? Is she supposed to take a dose in the morning and one at night?

  2. It is defnelty a cheap and effective stack. For the money you cant really beat it. The AM version keeps you going all day, while the PM helps relax your body to put you in a deep sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed. So you are burning more calories 24 hours a day!
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  3. plus as a woman she is likely lighter, and the bottles will last quite a while (as dose is weight dependent)

  4. This is a great stack for a woman ! She will love the results esp if she has a diet plan designed to use in conjunction.

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