The best cholesterol lowering supplements

  1. The best cholesterol lowering supplements

    I get my green tea 3 cups a day, take NOW's red yeast (which includes coQ10 and ala) also, what's going on with that red yeast not working anymore because they took off the actives because of a drug company?? I also take 1 tbsp of olive oil in a salad everyday.

    I would like to know what is the most effective supplement that worked for you to improve cholesterol's ratio?

    Also, cycle support is not an option for now, as nettle gets my acne flaired up too much.



  2. Thanks, but I know all that. I can google too. I'd like to know people's experiences

  3. Not just lowering but raising as well: Niacin

  4. Plain old niacin works best for me with some regular oatmeal or psyllium consumption..and of course, fish oil.

  5. In addition to red yeast rice, fish oils, co q10 and a multi, don't forget about standard oatmeal. Try Phytosterols, they're in various fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Also look up isomer E. B6, B12, and folic acid also will help a little as well.

  6. Thanks guys!

  7. How much Niacin are you guys taking per dose?

  8. I have taken up to 2g's before bed, I ramped slowly though.

  9. im assuming youre on cycle, thats why your cholesterol is high at 20...

    you should NOT be taking high dose niacin while youre on cycle... very rough on the liver.

    make sure your red yeast rice is std or assayed for monacolins (+100mg coq10) & pop those liv52's like candy.

    a moderately dosed tocotrienol product. 1-2G EPA/DHA.

  10. Red yeast rice, helped my dad out a ton.

    Just watching drinking grapefruit juice with it.


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