1. cycles

    Ive posted this is steriod section but it porbably the wrong section for this.

    On Ph's i know u cycle off to a post cycle therapy but when u r on test boosters do u take pct in with test boosters or u cycle off of from test booster to pct?

    i was thinking of doing this
    Powerdrol(PH) then cycle off to novedex XT(PCT)

    then take mass fx(TEST booster) with a pct then cycle back off to a PH, any ideas or thoughts or am i way out of ball game?

  2. a product like mass fx doesnt require pct. but you shouldnt play with your hormones that much, either do a standalone mass fx cycle or do a PH cycle plus PCT>

  3. The point of pct is to get your test levels back to normal.So a test booster is part of it.Ph's and steroids go in the steroid section.Everything else goes into the supplement section.

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