nutrient partitioning

  1. nutrient partitioning

    I am curious if there is a nutrient partitioning supplement besides ph's or roids, those a GREAT repartioners for nutrients but, curious as to if there is something else in the market?

  2. You should definitely check out P-slin and Anabolic Pump, they do a great job of helping to maximize the potential of the carbs you eat.
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  3. Dermacrine and AP/P-slin would be a sick stack to push nutrient partitioning in your favor and have favorable overall recomposition.

  4. insulin
    mild AIs like 6OXO or formestane

  5. Test boosters, K/Na-RALA
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  6. Leucine

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Test boosters, K/Na-RALA
    Most certainly.

  8. cheeseburgers


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