Trying to Build my NEW STACK!! (help)

  1. Trying to Build my NEW STACK!! (help)

    I'm currently constantly searching for a few more good supplements to finish off my new stack i'll be needing in a few weeks. If you have any suggestions PLZ post them.

    Supps I'm Adding So Far:
    Multi = ON - Multi
    Fish Oil = ON - FishOil
    Protien = ON - 100% Whey
    N.O = SAN - VasoFlow (i've been convinced to give it a shot)
    BCAA = CL - Purple Wraath
    Test. = Mass FX/HyperdrolX2 stack

    Mainly I need a creatine product and if you see any flaws or have any other suggestions, let me know.

  2. I take regular creatine monohydrate. It's cheap, effective, and can stack well with other supps like Taurine (which is cheap as well). Both supplements have a muscle volumizing effect.

  3. I think i've decided to go with Clout by MAN for the creatine. I've never tried any of their products before. Has anybody used Clout? It looks promising from the ingredients list.

  4. It's a good product but bulk Mono is cheaper.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SgtP View Post
    It's a good product but bulk Mono is cheaper.
    lol bulk mono may be cheaper but Clout is far superior!! When first experimenting with creatine's, mono IMO is horrible due to sheer water retention, which i cant STAND!!!! If i were to purchase any creatine's (in your position) it would be Green Magnitude (Controlled Labs), Ragnarok (MST), or Man.. Rag has the creatine's from Clout and green magnitude, and is by far much cheaper! Anyhow Good Luck!!

  6. Im currently on Green MAG and am not responding well to it

  7. Quote Originally Posted by StephenCurry View Post
    Im currently on Green MAG and am not responding well to it
    Have you tried Ragnarok? 30 bucks for 40 days...

  8. Nope have never tried it or looked into it, i'll look it up and get the ingredient profile. Thanks for all the help

  9. No Problem... glad i could be of assistance!


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