jungle warfare,NO-Xplode,Cell mass

  1. Question jungle warfare,NO-Xplode,Cell mass

    hey i'm 20 been lifting for 3 years 72 kg and 18%bf
    what do u think about stacking
    jungle warfare 3 times a day
    no-xplode pre workout
    and cell mass post workout
    1.would it be of to take jungle warfare and no-xplode both pre workout and the same time???
    do u think this is a nice stack..
    i will start using then only after lowering my body fat...
    or do u think it is ok to start taking them with this much BF???
    if i have to lower it how to shud i lower it to???
    i will be running this stack for 8 weeks..

  2. looks good.

    do more cardio and watch the carbs late in the day.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    looks good.

    do more cardio and watch the carbs late in the day.
    yeah totally no carbs after 7 pm....and cardio 4-5 times a week...

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