Taurine and Glutamine

  1. Taurine and Glutamine

    I read that you should not take glutamine while on nitric oxide because they negate each others effects. So, my question is could i take taurine while on glutamine, i read that taurine plays the same cell volumizing role of nitric oxide, would taking it along with glutamine be useless.??

  2. Many (including me) will say that glutamine is useless regardless, but I do like taurine supplementation.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. i heard you should stay under 8 grams of glutamine a day when using no boosters

  4. i guess it diminishes the effects

  5. well NO boosters that are arginine based are pretty worthless. If you want a good pump during a workout have some fruit and a protein shake low in fat 30min preworkout.



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