Dosage and Timing...HELP!

  1. Arrow Dosage and Timing...HELP!

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for timing and dosage amounts. I am currently three weeks into cutting, down around 10 lbs, and wanted to start on a cutting stack. The stack is listed below. What i don't know just yet are the doses and the time for the supplements in the stack.

    Please help if you can.

    Also, what is the best dosage and timing for Beta Alanine?

    A. DCP
    B. Levithan Reloaded
    C. Drive
    D. Flax Seed Oil
    E. Sesamin Oil
    F. Max CLA or CLA EE
    G. Beta Alanine

    My stats: 5'10, 248, 18% BF- Avid lifter, doing cardio (HIIT) like mad, and I finally got my diet in check. The weight seems to be dropping steady after i started eating much cleaner.

    Thanks ,

  2. anyone have any ideas?

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