Illness, catabolism, and dermacrine

  1. Illness, catabolism, and dermacrine

    I feel like I have been run over by a truck. About 14 hours ago I unleashed the biggest, baddest, projectile vomit I have ever seen. If anyone else had been there, they would have been waiting for my head to turn 360 degrees. I also had terrible diarrhea. To make matters worse I am 3 weeks into PCT for a Mass Tabs cycle. Me and the boys seem fine, but I did have to stop taking anything because I can't keep anything down. Taking all kinds of herbs and pills probably won't help matters of the stomach.

    I do have about a 3 week supply of the original dermacrine here, and thought this may be a good thing to use while being this kind of sick, as digestion is obviously not an issue. My concern is the dhea and possible suppression. I do not think it will be much of an issue if only used for a few days(hopefully). I merely want to stave off catabolism as much as possible, keep PCT running smoothly, not hurl my guts out, and feel better. Dermacrine OK?

  2. Dermacrine won't shut you down that hard bro. Best thing is to do what you need to do to save your muscle and then run a full PCT.

    1. Dermacrine
    2. Anti-Cort
    3. Multivitamin etc

    Most Importantly!

    No Excuses & No ***** ***: A Stupid People's Guide to PCT

    SERM + P.C.T Guide

    Now please, anyone is free to discuss this and tell me I've totally got it wrong or need to add something. Now with that said:

    Bloodwork! I cannot / we cannot say this enough that it is highly recommended to get bloodwork so you know how to run your PCT and WHAT you need to run on your PCT.

    1. SERM - Torem, Ralox, Nolvadex etc

    Example Torem Dosing: - As per Interlocutor
    Day 1-5 = 120mg Torm
    Day 6-21 = 60mg Torm
    Day 22-28 = 30mg Torm

    You should monitor this carefully and will most likely bounce back rather quickly with this SERM as per reports given by experienced users on the board. Please someone let me know if this is overkill for Torem

    Example Nolva Dosing:
    Wk1: 40,40,40,20,20,20,20
    Wk2: 20mg everyday
    Wk3: 10mg everyday
    Wk4: 10mg everyday

    I am not sure why anyone would go above these dosages, as per Dinoii, as the large body of studies / material backs up dosages no more than 40mg and mainly focuses on 20mg / 10mg dosage schemes. More is not better

    2. Cycle Support - Cycle Support(Highly Recommended), Liver Longer, Perfect Cycle, Liv52, NAC, SAMe.

    3. AI - Formestane(Highly Recommended), 6-OXO / Androstenetrione.

    4. Anti-Cort - X-Lean, Retain 2, Lean Xtreme, 11-OxO, Abliderate (8oz), B-Androstenetriol

    5. Test Booster - Good reviews or I have used: Sustain Alpha(Recommended), Drive, T-Force, Activate(original).

    NON-Rx SERM + P.C.T Guide

    1. Non Rx SERM - Post Cycle Support(Recommended), Sustain Alpha(Recommended)

    2. Cycle Support - Cycle Support(Highly Recommended), Liver Longer, Perfect Cycle, Liv52, NAC, SAMe, Advanced PCT.

    3. AI - Formestane(Recommended), Sustain Alpha(Recommended), 6-OXO / Androstenetrione.

    4. Anti-Cort - X-Lean, Retain 2, Lean Xtreme, 11-OxO, Abliderate (8oz), B-Androstenetriol

    5. Test Booster - Good reviews or have used the following: Sustain Alpha(Recommended), Drive, T-Force, Activate(original).

    All of the products and protocols above are open to discussion. This is not a hard and fast list but a guide to help.

    With that said Epistane style products on a non extreme usage style cycle are going to use a less extreme PCT. Better not to have huge hormonal swinging in either direction. Calm, steady and relative therapy is recommended.

    Things To Note

    1. You will most likely want to run your AI (Formestane) for a month or so after finishing your PCT therapy to make sure you experience no estrogen rebound / flooding. If you run your PCT for four weeks, as you ramp down on your SERM etc ramp up on your Formestane / AI so, to as keep your estrogen under control. There has been talk of SERMs actually exacerbating this problem due to kicking test up too high then *boom!* man boobs!

    2. Once done your PCT, and AI time ramp it down slowly until about one month after PCT

    3. Know what gyno is and the symptoms of gyno: @@@ Gyno Questions - Please Read This First @@@ - Forums

    4. Real Gynomastia Before & After's:

    5. Love your Liver!

  3. Wow Neoborn, that was quite a response.. I have already begun PCT, have about a week to go before being done. When I finished the Mass Tabs cycle I did run dermacrine for about two weeks before starting PCT, and it did an excellent job of easing transition into PCT. I appreciate the excellent advise, and I have an excellent PCT formula that works very well for me. I think you missed my point..

    I cannot keep anything down right now. It looks like I will not be eating much of anything for a couple days at least, let alone tons of pills and supplements. I was asking on opinions on using dermacrine because it bypasses digestion, so I would not have to worry about throwing it up. I have to take a break on all the pills I am taking and thought this might be an ok substitute while sick. With the weakness, lack of energy, and inability to eat well, I was hoping dermacrine might help stave off the heavy catabolism.

  4. I apologize if I missed the point. After doing a little more research I found this:

    Quote Originally Posted by primordial website on Dermacrine
    DHEA is an immediate precursor to the critical androgens known as androstenediol and androstenetriol.20,21 These metabolites of DHEA are known to have powerful anti-catabolic and anti-cortisol activity by counteracting the muscle wasting and immuno-suppressive effects of cortisol.23,24 Both androstenediol and androstenetriol act as anabolic hormones and have been shown to enhance recovery and tissue repair from injury.24,25 Furthermore, DHEA, androstenediol and androstenetriol have been found to be potent enhancers of the immune system, by helping to fight off infection, protect against lethal radiation, and restore immunity during times of stress.26-29

    Studies using DHEA with elderly subjects and HIV patients have also shown restoration of immune system activity by increasing the division of immune promoting cells.30,31,32 Its been proposed that this increased division of immunogenic cells is a result of DHEA increasing the bioavailability of IGF-1 and enhancing cellular mitosis.31
    So it should help yes.

  5. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to neoborn again.

    NO need for apologies brutha.



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