RPM and Drive Question

  1. RPM and Drive Question

    Do I take it on my off day?

  2. Why not?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by BigNutz View Post
    Why not?

    why would I ... not lifting.

    btw: love that pic you got there.

  4. My theory is if its affordable for you, and effective, why not keep it running through your blood stream constantly? RPM works so well, I will use it indefinetly. Thanks for the comment on the pic

  5. you want to continue use of both products even on off days to build the cumulative effects that are the real gem of these two products. What you can do though is lower the dosage in half on off days.

  6. I agree with the other two comment,,, you should just stay on it all the time..... and on off days it is optional to just use half a dosage.....

  7. yeah, remember . . . when you are at rest is when you grow!

  8. Not to mention it gives me that extra kick I need for off day activities (washing the cars, yard work, fishing, sex, etc.)

  9. Take Drive at full dose on both workout and non-workout days.
    Take RPM daily, too. Take a full dose on workout days, and a half-dose on non-workout days. This way, like the earlier contributors said, you would maintain high cellular concentrations of the actives in both products, ensuring effective cumulative results. As long as you dose Drive at full dose, there will be no disadvantage of dosing RPM at half-dose on non-workout days, as the synergy between Drive and RPM would ensure the effectiveness of RPM does not diminish in any way.
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  10. oh man - great pic!

    for the cummulative effects - yes!


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