Anything wrong with going from IGF-2/Drive/Neovar to PH cycle?

  1. Anything wrong with going from IGF-2/Drive/Neovar to PH cycle?

    About to start my Drive/IGF-2/Neovar stack and was wondering if theres anything wrong or unsafe about starting a PH cycle (H-drol and Propadrol) right after? Got a little behind on my schedule but was hoping to start a cutting stack of Napalm, Leviathan Reloaded and maybe some clen 2 months before summer but that doesnt look like its going to happen.

    If its not a good idea to go directly from the supplement stack I have listed above to a PH cycle let me know your opinion.


  2. thers no problem with that, but if i were u i wud probably save that for pct after my cycle, then again halo is mild and didnt shut me down after 6 weeks lol.

  3. I have Nolva, Powerfull, Retain 2 and SizeOn for post cycle therapy. During my 75mg Halo cycle I used Nolva, Powerfull, Retain 2 and I only lost 1 lb during post cycle therapy so I would like to stick to what has worked for me.

    Thanks for the reply

  4. o tru tru ur all set then . yea than go ahead run that then the PH. have u used any of these b4? drive is great. neovar made me strong as hell, and ive never used igf-2 but i really want to try it sometime soon.

    and i know alot of guys who use CLEN during pct its anti-catabolic and eats up fat. thats up to u tho i would personaly never do it.

  5. I have used them all before but not Neovar. I actually have half a bottle of RPM my friend gave me and was still trying to decide if I should save it for when I cut or now?

    I liked Drive+IGF-2 quite a bit, went from 195lbs to 200.5 which surprised the hell out of me! Only complaint I have is that I felt tired more then usual but it wasnt that bad.

    I thought about clen during pct but want to see how much weight I hold onto during pct so I will try clen when I cut.

  6. clen + RPM wud be a really really bad idea lol i wouldnt suggest that so save the clen for ur cut and use the RPM now. RPM + drive is fantastic

  7. lol yeah I dont think using them together would be good.

    I was think maybe the 2 month start RPM without clen but I guess I might as well use it now.

    I'll start my log today.



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