When to take my first dose of NeoVar???

  1. When to take my first dose of NeoVar???

    Okay, just trying to figure out the IDEAL time to take my NeoVar... Here's my meal/workout schedule.

    7:00AM First Meal (No carbs)

    11:00AM Second meal(about 3 days a week I get 50+ grams of carbs in this meal)

    2:15PM Third meal(This meal consists of about 50+ grams of complex carbs every day

    5:30PM PRE-workout meal (50 grams of complex carbs and a whey shake)

    6:15-7:30PM - Workout

    7:45PM POST-workout shake (50+grams of carbs)

    Obviously my second dose of NeoVar would come with my Post-workout shake. But what about my first dose? I'm thinking either Third Meal or Pre-workout meal. Thanks in advance!

  2. you want to take it 30-45 minutes before meals, so you would take it at about 10:15am and 4:45pm for your preworkout. You could do a third dose before your post workout shake, but I personally think its not needed.
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