soy vs. whey

  1. soy vs. whey

    I know this has been beaten to death but I am really curious as to what everyone is taking protein wise and why? I am not an advocate of soy but with the recent controversy in the industry I want to know what you guys think.

  2. Cell-Tech.

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  4. no no no, its dat dere celltech

    but seriously ive got this guy on another thread trying to tell me that soy is way better than any other protein out there, any thoughts?

  5. I try to avoid soy. He can have all of mine.

  6. There have been a variety of threads on this. From my own research, I've found that soy is a very "complete" protein, in that it contains vital amino acids and such. There are better protein sources out there, but there is nothing wrong with soy.

    This should give you a good read.

  7. No way would I choose soy over whey. I have read in numerous articles that if you want to take soy for it's potential benefits, then to take all 3 types of protein in conjunction. (Casein, Soy, Whey) One could argue many points on this topic.

    On a side note. I personally do not drink soy. I used to buy these Odwalla drinks (Vanilla Protein Almondo) from a coffee shop. Those things taste awesome and they have soy protein in them.

    There have also been claims that soy raises estrogen levels, but that was supposedly disproved.

    It is worth some research on your part. See which type best meets your goals.

  8. They are just different chains/patterns of amino acids, whey being touted as one of the best for muscle growth. Soy does contain aminos such as glutamine, however I would think a combination would be the best way to go. Also, absorption rates are different among different types of protein, so it depends on your applciation. I think soy is digested a little slower than whey.

  9. milk protein isolate - only way to go (and bcaas of course!)

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  11. What about Phyto-Estrogen in soy.
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  12. My protein is a soy-whey mix. Always.
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  13. Phyo is over hyped. Its to week to bind anyway. I love soy. I posted a article from another site and explained the benefits of soy. I use soy as a staple part of my diet along side whey and milk protein isolation.


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