Hey I just got done with an original s-drol cycle and had great gains. About 15 pounds and probably 4 of that was fat. So 11 pounds of solid muscle I was very impressed. So now I am at 196lbs at 6'0. Bodyfat is 12.6%.

I am doing cardio 5 days out of the week. 5 minutes of running (8.0mph) then Low Intenisty Cardio for 5minutes for 18minutes.

I then work out one body party thoroughly
ie Mon- biceps and abs
Tues - triceps and abs
Wed - legs - all muscles
Thursshoulders - and abs
Chest -

I am on the CKD diet so eat no carbs at all mon-fri. Weekend I load on carbs ... I do abs 3 out of the 5 workout days. So I dont want my body to rob my hard earned muscle. If you know about this diet supposedly it help preserve but I'd rather not take the chance. This is why I would like to add Retain 2 to the stack however need to know if this will work. I tried to give as much info as I could think you would want.

I was wondering IF it would be okay to run these supps together with no problems/reactions.

PAL Leviathan Reloaded, DCP (I know these are safe combined )

*but what happens when combined with*

AX Retain 2 AND Lipoderm Ultra (For love handles - I know it has more yoh. in it)??

Other Supps with this stack = taurine, saw palmetto, milk thistle, fish oil caps, multi vit