Drive+anabolic Pump Questions!

  1. Drive+anabolic Pump Questions!

    I'm wanting to put on some quality mass and strength and was considering using this stack to help me reach my goals. I have a couple of questions though concerning the two products though:

    1. I'm 20 years old and realize that I probably won't get worthwhile results from a natural test booster, so will Drive be worth taking? I have heard only great things on this site, but I do not know the age range of those reporting the results.

    2. If this is a good stack, I would appreciate some suggestions on how to manage the dosings, considering AP is to be taken with food and Drive is for an empty stomach.

    Oh, I forgot, I'm 6'2, 210lbs, so I'm assuming 4x Drive/day

    Thanks for the advice

  2. 1)You should still see some great effects from the drive as its mechanisms don't only just boost test
    2)Take two separate doses for drive with one dose 45-30 minutes pre workout. Take the anabolic pump 15-30 minutes before carb heavy meals...take a look at the anabolic pump manual

    AP Manual!!
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  3. Lightbulb Wrong approach in mind!

    Bolt, you definitely have the wrong idea about DRIVE. DRIVE is not just another run of the mill natty test booster. DRIVE simply put will help you in other ways that are more beneficial than just increasing test.

    Key Highlights:

    *A great recomping effect.
    *increased muscle hardness/density.
    *Better sense of mind-muscle connection.
    *Best of all though...the increase in endurance is awesome. You will really notice a difference during cardio.
    *A noticeable increase in strength, especially when doing high intensity high rep sets.
    *It does also help with libido and better sense of well-being as well.

    Now as for dosing, I would recommend that you dose 6 (3 and 3, or 2 and 4) on training days, and then 4 (2 and 2) on off days. You should take it upon waking and then pre-workout, or if you workout early just make sure you take your second dose 6-8 hours later.

    Also, make sure you take it 45-1hr before eating, and at least 45mins-1hr after eating for effectiveness purposes.

    For AP, just make sure you take 1 cap 15-30 mins before your 3 biggest carb containing meals for peak effectiveness. Note: Try to make sure you take in at least 60-100g of quality carbs during those meals.

    You should notice some solid results from this stack. The recomping effect will definitely be something to look forward to. Anyway, good luck to you bud.
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  4. Damn stole the words right out of my mouth Sam! Perfectly said!

  5. srry guys i think you got the wrong idea of what i was saying...i was not saying it wasn't a great test booster, i was saying it is more than just a test booster so its got the test boosting properties plus more...get what im saying now? kinda like how it enhances endurance and the camp boosting effects of the dodder and forslean...
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  6. yeah, funny enough, with drive the test boosting is more a side effect than the main goal of the product.

  7. Thanks for the help guys. So it looks like the general consensus is that I should be taking 6 Drive on WO days, in two spit doses; and then 4 on non-WO days?

  8. correct! And bolt, I knew what you were saying!

  9. Great answers guys!!
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