Don't know how to title this ?

  1. Don't know how to title this ?

    Sorry couldnt think of how to title my ?. Ok, I just finished my contest last Saturday (3rd place mens novice lightweight) and weighed in at 162lbs at 5'10. I want to do the same show next year but want to pack on some serious mass. I do realize a year isnt long enough to pack on lots and lots of muscle, especially being all natural, but I do feel that 10lbs of lean mass is realistic for me. I know what to eat and how to lift,etc.... but heres my ?. If I start getting too fat into my bulking cycle and wanna drop 10lbs is ok to cut for a month and then start bulking again. For example. Im eating close to 4000cals now and im sure in about 4months im going to be a little fatter than id like. I want to bulk for around 9months but is a few 30day cutting phases(drop the cals to around 2500 and hit cardio 6x a week) just to keep lots and lots of fat off going to seriously slow my muscle building process down. Its kinda hard to word this, but do you have to be in a constant bulking mode for the full 9months, and the minute you start cutting for 30days and then bulk again just going to ruin the whole muscle building process. Sorry for the long poor worded post but ask me ?'s if you don't understand what im trying to say.Thanks

  2. If you are going to train for this one show then just bulk for 8 months and cut for 4. You coud easliy put on 10lbs in a year. I would set a goal for 20. Even if you dont make it you want to push yourself beyond what you know is attainable.

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