DCP like fotloss aid from nutraplanet bulk powders

  1. DCP like fotloss aid from nutraplanet bulk powders

    I am going on a cruise in about 7 weeks, and want to tighten up and also be ready for the summer. I've been on a ketogenic diet, and want to excellerate my fatloss even further. I found some bulk powders that I thought would work perfectly for this diet and my goals. I am 5'10'' and weighing in at about 180-185. I don't have a ton of fat to lose, and would guess I'm in the mid-high teens for BF%. I want to get down to about 165-170 or so. My ideal physique would be more like a boxer (winky, hopkins, cotto...) than a BBuilder.

    TTA - 1g a day
    Salvia Miltiorrhiza - 750mg a day
    Raspberry Ketones - 300mg a day

    Synephrine - 50mg a day
    Yohimbine - 7.5mg a day
    Caffeine - as needed, maybe it would be too much.

    Basically, it is like DCP with stims. I think these will work great together while on a ketogenic diet and insulin levels will be low. I just wanted some feedback, input, or advice. Salvia Miltiorrhiza seems to be touted as a recomp type herb, but I haven't found much info on it besides in RPN's write-up. They are reputable, so It made me think I should get it to aid the TTA. Any interactions to watch for, other compounds that might be beneficial or needed? Please let me know, thanks!!!

  2. Potassium in case of TTA cramping.

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