A question about some supplements.

  1. A question about some supplements.

    I have been reading the discussions on this forum for a couple of weeks now and been quite ambivalent to join in due to my lack of knowledge. Anyhow, I had some questions about the effects of three supplements that I see the majority of you here seem to always include in your stacks.

    Fish Oil
    Flax Seed Oil
    Sesamin Oil

    Isn't Fish Oil the omega fatty acids that are good for cardio vascular health? I thought I read somewhere that Flax Seed oil was good for your digestive system, but I have never heard of Sesamin Oil nor what its benefits are. I tried searching but didn't find any discernable answer.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Sesamin can be used for fat loss but also helps to keep your liver and kidney healthy.

  3. Is that the gist of it?

    I already take a number of supplements for kidney and liver health, as they are a main priority for my overall health. Thanks for the answer Ed.
  4. This should be helpful

    Quote Originally Posted by Emerge View Post
    Is that the gist of it?

    I already take a number of supplements for kidney and liver health, as they are a main priority for my overall health. Thanks for the answer Ed.
    Sesamin is a naturally occurring lignan present in sesame oil. It possesses great potential for maintaining healthy weight, via its effects on fatty acid oxidation and adipogenic gene expression. It also has the potential to stack very well with other supplements that modulate these systems, such as LeptiGen, stimulants, androgens, and Ab-Solved.

    Sesamin shows to be about 10-fold more potent than fish oil, in positively modulating expression of a battery of genes involved in storage and metabolism of triglycerides. The obvious target for mediation is PPAR-alpha, as it is known to affect most of these. Another known mechanism of fish oil is via alteration of phospholipid membrane structure and properties - specifically, it promotes an increase in the unsaturation index of fatty acids, which is associated with increased lipolysis, increased leanness, and better insulin sensitivity.

    Sesamin also had some positive effects on gene expression not shared by fish-oils. A possible target for this is PPAR-gamma antagonism, though it increases gamma-tocephorol levels, and that is a PPAR-gamma AGONIST. Spook has also mentioned sesamin as an agonist, but I have never seen this, and it is in contrast to the way it mediates gene expression.

    First it boosts hepatic (liver) and muscular mitochondria oxidation of fatty acids as well as boosting peroxisome fatty acid oxidation. Particularly episesamin is extremely potent boosting these two actions buy 2.1 hold and 5.1 hold in rats. When coupled with a diet rich in omega-3 fats (they seem to work synergistically) episesamin boosted them by 12.2 and 20.1 respectively. Now that's freaking impressive. It does this buy causing the DNA transcription of CPT (carnitine palmitoyl transferase) which is the rate limiting quantity in beta oxidation of fats in skeletal muscle and liver cells. So the gist is you burn more fat plain and simple.

    It also protects the liver and kidneys. It prevents fatty liver from chronic ethanol ingestion. Finally it keeps vitamin E levels high either by recycling it or buy preventing its oxidation entirely (no one knows which for sure).

    First and foremost a doubling of mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation it and of itself is fantastic. But a 20- fold increase in peroxisomal beta oxidation is even more impressive as it does not have the same self-regulating mechanisms that mitochondrial oxidation does. You burn too much fat and citrate buildup will shut down further fat oxidation. But not so with peroxisomal oxidation. So the bottom line is if there are lipids in your blood stream it will oxidize them.

    Just as important, and what makes this so amazing, is that it exerts these effects in a Fed State. That's right you read that correctly: in a Fed State. Can someone say nutrient partitioning agent? Imagine bulking but your muscle is burning 20 times more fat when at rest. Imagine how many damn calories you could consume and still stay lean. Imagine what Sesamin will do in a fasted state. We all know insulin is talked about a lot when it comes to nutrient partitioning, but I think this handles the other side of the equation. So basically sesamin can be used during maintenance or bulking to stay lean and make sure you burn more fat at rest. And, Sesamin can also be used during a diet to burn a lot more fat.

    So to summarize the benefits:

    1. Huge increase in fat burning.
    2. Burn more fat when dieting and when FED.
    3. Protects or elevates vitamin E in the blood stream.

  5. Wow, thank you for the detailed explanation. I appreciate it a lot.



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