Poll: Which fat burner do you want to see reviewed? Aussies?

Which fat burner do you want to see reviewed? Aussies?

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    Which fat burner do you want to see reviewed? Aussies?

    Im doing an 8 week cut (2x 3 weeks on, 1 week off a fat burner), plan daily updates & before/after pics., im coming into the boxing year heavier than i want & need to lose about 12 pounds (down from 165 to 154)

    Im going to use a stim to kick start it, which fat burner do you want to see reviewed?

    Keep in mind the ingredients may change slightly for Aussie shores (Yohimbine is illegal here)

    Your choices are in the poll....

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    Are they the only fat burners that will get past customs? What about Napalm or sesamin? Im pretty sure DCP gets in no problems as well. Would be good to help keep you up to strength.

    whatever you choose throw in some green tea caps and fishoils etc.
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    I was going to vote for Recreate by USPLabs, which should be available by the end of the month. When they do the inner circle release you should hit that up, I doubt you will be disappointed!

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    I would go with recreate as well, since it is so new
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