DCP/Leviathan Reloaded Stack

  1. DCP/Leviathan Reloaded Stack

    Thinking about doing this to help jump start my recomp.

    I have taken Biotest's Hot-Rox Extreme before and I didn't like it one bit. I didn't like the strong stim's and not so sure about the thermo's.

    How does DCP or Leviathan compare to HRX?

    I have read that alot of people like this stack for cutting but what about for a guy that needs to burn the flabby fat too?

    Only supp's taking now: Fish oil, flax oil, multi, xtend, whey protein

    Diet is getting there. And, workouts are good.

  2. Nobody ever tried Hot-Rox Extreme?

    Does Leviathan have strong stim's?

  3. LR and DCP stack

    I have been on this combo for about 6 weeks and it has been excellent. I also ran 1 bottle of Napalm with it. Have seen significant recomp in that time.Total weight loss was only about 5 pounds but the recomp was almost unbelievable. Lost almost all of my little "fat handles" and actually went down a full pant size in 6 weeks. Based on what I have seen, I had to have added muscle during this time too or the total loss would have been more.

    That all being said, my diet was ultra clean and of course I kept with my workouts (5x per wk) and started cardio 3 days per week. Nothing extreme on cardio but did Tabata sprints (only takes about 15-20 min per session) You can check that out if you just Google "Tabata".

    PS- There is an overall higher energy and mood elevation on Leviathan Reloaded but there is not the jittery stim effect that you see on some other stuff..at least not for me... believe me, I have tried about everything and will definitely do this stack again. The PEA and and Hordenine? in this gives the good mood feelings!
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  4. Check the logs here for 23432 people that have logged that combo.

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