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    ZMA? My pops is curious. Dont know anything about it, hes curious if its really worth the purchase?

  2. ZMA is awesome! Gives me deep sleep with some f'd up dreams everytime I take it. your pops will sleep well!

  3. If you like ZMA, you'll find ZMK awesome. It would be unfair to compare ZMK to ZMA. ZMK is on a completely different level.
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  4. ZMA just is amazing. Any ZMA will do the work IMO, but I would definetly say ZMK is really a top notch product. A little hard to swallow, but a must. You have to be on an empty stomach to take it, about 30 mins before bed. Sleep is tremendous on this stuff.

  5. I've used ZMA before and I really noticed a difference with my recovery time. I was a fan of the ZMass PM. I'm going to be starting a stack of RPM/Drive/X-factor probably around March 1st as soon as my shipment comes in. Would a ZMA product be overkill or could that be worked into that stack as a night time recovery aid? Anyone have any thoughts on that?



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