Bulk adrenosterone

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    Bulk adrenosterone

    So I got some Adrenosterone recently, 30g in bulk. I'm really confused on the subject as it seems everyone thinks it's sold out, but I got it no problem... so... did I get cheated, or did I get the real deal and just nobody's aware that they're in stock?

    If this is against the rules tell me, but I found it over at Custom Nutrition Warehouse, this was roughly five days ago. Doing a search there it shows up. I'm really hoping I bought the right stuff heh, 11oxo bulk powder, can you guys go there and make sure it's legit?

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    i cant find the site
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    I'm familiar with them. They're legit and so is your powder...CNW was a board sponsor for a long time. Not sure that you can post their url now that they're not though
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