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  1. Activate Xtreme & X-Factor


    I have just started this stack yesterday after hearing good reviews for the two products. I intend to run a complete 8 week cycle. For those who have done the stack, or people with knowledge on these two could you help me with the following:

    1) Do I need to take any measures to maximise the impact? One observation is limit fat(specially omega 3) for absorption of X-factor which I intend to follow.

    2) Is taking lever tablets okay? Or does it interfere in anyway? I have a Beverly box of lever tablets and I would like to use it while I am using the stack.

    3) Any other recommendation to boost the result shall be greatly appreciated.

  2. i have not taken that stack...but i have used each of them separately...

    1)You do not need to limit your total fat intake, just make sure to lower your omega-3 intake
    2)I don't think there are any problems with the liver tabs...
    3)To maximize results just make sure to keep training and diet in tact. If you are trying to bulk keep in mind that the x-factor may cause you to raise your calories over what you normally need to bulk. Be ready for some pretty intense pumps and strength gains, as individually they both are pretty intense.

    Good luck and if you have any more ?'s i'd gladly help
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  3. Yeah. Pretty simple stuff.

    1.) I'd watch my Omega 3 intake a little. NO need to eliminate it completely, but I'd keep it lower.

    2.) No problem with liver tabs.

    3.) Just eat big and train hard. You should see some great results.
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  4. Thanks guys. Much appreciate all your help.

    As of now the plan of action is to use X-Factor & Activate for about 8 weeks. I am still undecided if I should take a break after 4 weeks or let it complete at one go. Aside from this bulking up on Whey, Casein Protein and tons of Xtend & Purple Wrath for BCAAs.

  5. As all said, you'll be fine, please don't cut fats, take at least 20% of fat for your total calorie intake.

    Enjoy, and ask if you need anything!



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