Green MAG and cycling

  1. Green MAG and cycling

    From the FAQ in the Controlled Labs forum it says 10-12 weeks on, and 1-2 weeks off...

    but on another, less fulfilling and slightly wimpy, forum pu12en12g (resident CL guru) said you didn't have to cycle it at all...would that be the Magnesium Creatine Chelate?

    any thoughts?

  2. pu12en12g is here as well

    I would probably listen to what he says about him as he is a main guy for them..

    I dont really know of anything in the product that would require cycling -- maybe just to resist body adaptation to the ingredients?

  3. I know hes here too, he just said it at that other forum is all. I see nothing wrong with taking a week off, but this stuff tastes so good...thanks for the good news

  4. oh I got ya, my fault then.. and yes it does taste good! I just got tired of the apple after awhile but it was good while I took it -- and it works well! good product choice man -- hope you see some gains on it.

  5. heh finishing my second container, always had the ability to cycle off b/c I usually had to take a break from the gym anyway. I'll probably throw in a one week break from it JIC.

    It's the first creatine that's been easy on the stomach and hardcore in the gym for me.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CONTROLLED LABS View Post
    no need to cycle off of any creatine, including green mag
    yea that

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CONTROLLED LABS View Post
    no need to cycle off of any creatine, including green mag
    unless you've recently changed the FAQ for Green MAGnitude since I posted says to cycle off of it for 1 to 2 weeks. Most creatine labels advise taking a two to four week off period. Or at least they used to, haven't bought any other creatines in a couple years...

    Either way i'm glad to have finally gotten CL's official response


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