CORE ABC feedback/stack suggestion

  1. CORE ABC feedback/stack suggestion

    hey guys, just looking for some feedback on CORE ABC, mainly taste and such. i've been a loyal xtend user but have been looking at this as of late. at nutra right now you could get:
    NP cissus caps
    bottle of incarnate
    CORE abc

    for under 100 bucks. so my plan is to use a serving, maybe 1.5 servings core abc on training days, 2 cissus caps a day, along with one serving incarnate per day. on off days it'll prob be 2 cissus caps and two servings incarnate. should last around 50-60 days. i have prob 400 grams of bulk leucine that ill use some of to add to the core abc, as i personally like a 4:1:1 ratio

    4.5 grams beta alanine, amino acids, and a good dose of cissus that has been effective for me before. about 2 months worth of the staples for about 50 a month, without having to deal with any bulk powders. awesome! i like to add in sesamin at 2 ml 2x a day, and the primaforce version will last 60 days at this dose. add some bulk creatine from NP to the mix and you got all this for around 60 a month

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    Solid formula that tastes very good.

  3. awesome, thanks jacob

  4. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post
    Solid formula that tastes very good.
    I concur.

  5. I second that emotion.

  6. The new fruit punch flavor is off the hook! IMO

  7. Quote Originally Posted by dam225 View Post
    The new fruit punch flavor is off the hook! IMO
    sounds good, as this is what i was waiting for. i don't usually like grape flavored stuff very much. it's in my cart at nutra as we speak!

  8. The grape flavor was ok but nothing great. I would probably opt for the fruit punch unless you love grape. It did remind me of grape xtend but I'm not sure which version as they have had several. And it was certainly better tastewise than Purple Wraath v1 and v2.

  9. The fruit punch flavor tastes like sugar free koolaid. I like the grape flavor, but the fruit punch is my favorite and its new, haha.


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